Tonight I'm Alive EP

by Solace In Crimson

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Recorded live in the tradition of MTV Unplugged, this 6 track EP takes the "what you hear is what you get" approach to heart. 'Tonight I'm Alive' is the second EP from Singer/Songwriter Solace In Crimson, and, with nothing more than a guitar, a handful of stories, and a desire to merge the two, the end result is an introspective journey through the human condition -- as riveting as it is raw.


released January 1, 2015




Solace In Crimson Honolulu, Hawaii

Singer/Songwriter with a flare for lyrical depth, bluesy undertones, and lush, atmospheric elements.

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Track Name: Tonight I'm Alive
Lost, in a moment, you want to capture for all time
Bottle it up, hold it, because it's gone as soon as it arrives
Torn between wanting to hold on and let go
Fleeting, the moment comes and goes

Tonight, I'm alive
Tonight, flying so high
Tomorrow I could die
But tonight, I'm alive
I'm alive

Feel the power, as the moment takes control
Pulls you in, and sets fire to your soul
The euphoria you feel, as intense as the sorrow that lies in wait
With the knowledge that you can't stay

You want it to last, but you know that it can't
The final steps of this farewell dance
Perhaps it would have been better to have never danced at all
The sorrow that you keep, you never would have known
Though this moment soon will die, tonight, I'm alive
Track Name: Pariah
I said to the blind man, can you see
This plight that has befallen me?
Took my hand in his and, whispered to me
One needn’t eyes to see the lies that men believe

I said to the leper, can you see
This disease that has stricken me?
Beckoned me over and, whispered to me
One needn’t sickness to be witness to trickery

Tell me, can these souls be saved?
No closer to salvation than they are to the grave
And tell me, can these souls be saved?
No closer to salvation than they are to the grave

I said to the priest, can you see
This demon that has possessed me?
He said come here my son and, listen to me
One needn’t be a priest to see the beast that man can be

I said to the criminal, can you see
This charge that has been brought against me?
Looked me square in the face and, whispered to me
One needn’t commit theft to see the depth to which man will sink

Tell me, can my soul be saved?
No closer to salvation than I am to the grave
And tell me, can my soul be saved?
No closer to salvation than I am to the grave
Track Name: Me And My Guitar
Me and my guitar
Another song to hide the scars
Of a tired and broken man
Holding on with both hands
Looking to the stars

Me and my guitar
Passerby may call it art
Turning sorrow into song
But that sorrow, it does last long
After the melody from which it starts

'Cause all we have in this world are the experiences we've gained
Turning our woes into words, still the song remains the same
Spinning our curses into verse when nothing seems to work
Finding solace in six strings

I don't know who you are
The woman that should be in my arms
May write a song about finding you
But I can't run from the truth
Just me and my guitar

When everything falls apart
I will hold you in my arms
Strum a few simple chords, 'till it doesn't hurt anymore
Just me and my guitar
Track Name: The Best
It's like you're holding onto something
Something you can't quite get your hands on
Still you try

It's like you're reaching for something
Something not quite in your reach
But still you climb

When everything you hold onto could mean the death of you
But still you give the last breath from your chest
When everything you're reaching for could suddenly be no more
But still all of yourself you invest

'Cause you are the best

It's like you're playing for something
Everyone tells you "You can't win"
But still you play

It's like you're striving to be something
They all tell you "You're nothing"
But you don't listen to a word they say

When all eyes are watching you, waiting for you to fail too
It's like there's no one else in the room
When all other flowers die, leaving nothing else left alive
You're the only flower still in bloom
When all your critics are driving home in their cars
Thinking to themselves "Who would have guessed?"

'Cause you are the best