Clear Black Skies EP

by Solace In Crimson

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Solace In Crimson - the creative outlet for Singer/Songwriter Evan Morgan - draws from a plethora of influences to create a listening experience all it's own. 'Clear Black Skies' marks Morgan's debut, with lyrical depth, bluesy undertones, and brooding atmosphere at it's heart, Solace In Crimson brings it all to a head, culminating in the tour de force that is 'Clear Black Skies'


released August 11, 2013




Solace In Crimson Honolulu, Hawaii

Singer/Songwriter with a flare for lyrical depth, bluesy undertones, and lush, atmospheric elements.

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Track Name: Me And My Guitar
Me and My Guitar
Another song to hide the scars
Of a tired and broken man, holding on with both hands
Looking to the stars

Me and my guitar
Passerby may call it art
Turning sorrow into song, but that sorrow it does last long
After the melody from which it starts

'Cause all we have in this world are the experiences we've gained
Turning our woes into words, still the song remains the same
Spinning our curses into verse when nothing seems to work
Finding solace in six strings

I don't know who you are
The woman that should be in my arms
May write a song about finding you
But I can't run from the truth
Just me and my guitar

When everything falls apart
I will hold you in my arms
Strum a few simple chords
Till it doesn't hurt anymore
Me and my guitar

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: September
When you wake up
I'll be there, right next to you
When you're breathing
I'll be there, breathing too
When you're sleeping
I'll be there, right by your side
In your mind I'm forever alive

When you call
I'll be there, to answer you
When you cry
I'll be there to comfort you
When you bleed
I will be your tourniquet
Just as long as you never forget

But oh
Where have you gone?
You left me here with all my tears
And oh
What have you done?
I should have been the one, oh
I should have been the one

When I wake up
You're not there, next to me
When I'm breathing
You're not there, where you said you'd be
When I'm sleeping
I have to fight to keep the demons away
Without you I'm not the same

When I'm calling, there's no one to answer
Now I'm falling, succumbing to this cancer
Now I'm bleeding, internal wounds that nothing can heal
Never again am I to feel

Repeat Chorus x2
Track Name: About A Boy
When I was younger
I was filled with a hunger
That would keep all my doubts at bay

Now that I'm older
Find it hard to stay sober
And the winds, they no longer bring change

When I was younger
I stared out in wonder
At the world that lay before me

Now that I'm older
The weather has grown colder
And all the doors are under lock and key

All this time I've wasted
All these empty spaces
Failed attempts to fill the void
No longer content with plastic toys

All this doubt I've kept in
Said goodbye to my imaginary friends
Growing up is not a choice
With only stories about a boy

When I was younger
I could move mountains
And all that stood in my path

Now that I'm older
Can't seem to move a single boulder
Looking over my shoulder at what I can't get back

Repeat Chorus